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With this extensions you can enable/disable the Bluetooth without interaction from the user, get the MacAddress and the Adapter Name.

Version: 4

This extensions is converted into a component on Makeroid App Builder and will get updates there.

Version: 5 --> Makeroid App Builder




Enable --> Enable the Bluetooth on the device
Disable --> Disable the Bluetooth on the device
Toggle --> Toggle the Bluetooth on the device
AdapterName --> Return the name of the Bluetooth Adapter
HasBluetooth --> Check if the devices has Bluetooth
IsEnabled --> Check if the Bluetooth is enabled
MacAddress --> Return the Bluetooth MacAdress
ScanMode --> Return the current scan mode
State --> Return the current state

ValidateMacAddress --> Check if a Bluetooth MacAddress is valid
ValidateUserMacAddress --> Check if a Bluetooth UserMacAddress is valid

UseCodes --> Use codes instead of strings for returning ScanMode & State

ErrorOccurred --> triggers when there is an error


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