Welcome to my extensions page. I upload all extensions that I have released here, currently I have released 5 extensions.


With this extension you can convert distance, temperature and weight. More option are upcomming! - More Information


AIX --> com.sanderjochems.Convert.aix

Floating Action Button

With this extension you can create an FloatingActionButton in your app. You can set the icon, color and size.

Created By: Sander Jochems & Pavitra Golchha - More Information


With this extension you can check whether the device has a vibrator and let it vibrate for x miliseconds or in a pattern. - More Information


AIX --> com.sanderjochems.Vibrate.aix
AIA --> Vibrate.aia
APK --> Vibrate.apk


With this extension you can get information about the screen, like the size in inches, DPI and Pixels. - More Information


With this extensions you can enable/disable the Bluetooth without interaction from the user, get the MacAddress and the Adapter Name. - More Information